1. Definition of Sanctuary

In this website, we define "Sanctuary" as below.

■ Place where the story was staged
A real place where it appeared in the story.
*However, the location name, station name and store name may be altered in the work.
■ A place or an object depicted as a background of the story.
It may be totally different from the place that is staged but it is a real place or an object, facility or monument that can be specified and is important as the background of the story.
■ A set location
Although it is actually an open space or a place where another building is built, in the work it is a set location where buildings related to the story are depicted.
■ A place where it is related to the character in the story
A place or an object that is set to be related to the character's name or a place set to be where the character was born.

2. Not applicable

In this website, even it can meet the definition of the "Sanctuary", it is not applicable in the situations as below.

■ A place just been referred to
A place which was only referred in the conversation or it appears only in the recollection, does not necessarily appear where the characters have visited and the because the importance is very small in the story, we see this not as an applicable place.
■ As a special case for handling Fuji and Tokyo Tower
Mt. Fuji appearing in the traveling scene on the Tokaido Shinkansen or Mt. Fuji and Tokyo Tower appear as a symbol of Japan or Tokyo, we think these monuments are expressed more symbolically so we do not treat them as a sanctuary.
It may be determined so depending on its symbolic meaning, the amount of appearance in the story, and the importance of such monuments are treated in the story.